Technical Support

On this page (as well as on our pages in LinkedIn and Facebook) we publish information about new versions, important issues, and useful tips from the support. Also, you can register to our mailing list for newsletters.

For technical questions, you can contact us directly at tuki(at) or dropping a phone call.

Technical tips:

Translate Allegro files to PADS:

  • A script needs to be run in Allegro to collect adequate information for the PADS Allegro Import. If you don’t have access to Allegro, we can recommend a service bureau (PCB Design) to help with the translation. Please check the contact information on our Services page.

Importing logos and other graphical items to PADS

  • Often it is tedious to draw odd-shaped items in Layout or Logic. One workaround is to take the item in a bitmap format to a graphical program, such as CorelDraw, run Trace function which detects the edges, and export in DXF (choose an old format to avoid bsplines). Import to Layout and use Join, Close, and scale if necessary. Save to 2D library for Logic (and later usage).

PADS Logic

  • A script to convert a bitmap to a 2D line object, useful for logos, etc.

PADS Layout

  •  CAM settings (Gerber and ncdrill).
  •  IPC-D-365A script. This script checks the offsets in Gerber and Excellon documents and will use the same offset. This eliminates the need to reposition the origin point in the CAM tool when the netlist check is performed. If it finds multiple offsets, a warning is generated, and the user can easily fix the CAM document containing unexpected offsets.
  • Stacked via– tool helps to easily create all via from-to combinations between layers. When the layout is completed, it will create NC drill files based on the “pass-through layer” information rather than the standard “Drill pair”. The latest build is 1.38 (11.3.2020).
  • Centroids script example. This script uses the drill size of the first pin of the decal to define whether the part is an SMT or a through-hole component. It is a good starting point for custom modifications.
  • PADS ES Suite 3D viewer quick instructions.

PADS Router

  •  Recommended basic settings for Router to maximize interactive performance.

FlexNet & licensing:

Useful weblinks:

  •  contains a huge number of free 3D models for components. Download to get better 3D in PADS 3D viewer.
  • contains packaging information with pad sizes and paste/mask recommendations and various soldering information.
  • is a place to find PADS Designer/Layout/Professional and Xpedition library parts.
  • Support Center (Mentor) Mentor’s support on the web. See for updates, tech tips, application notes, etc.