PowerAccess is a tool to expand PADS native library management and part search capabilities. It maintains a replica of PADS libraries in MsAccess format (.mdb, MsAccess license is not needed), which enables search and browse functions using a table view with multiple attributes and PCB decal preview.

The free intro version contains the following functionality:

  • Part browser, also with search from all attributes
  • Opens datasheet
  • Excel-based component and symbol generator, taking the advantage of copy/paste on a spreadsheet

The set of functions is extensive in the full version:

  • Variant management for PADS Logic
  • Bidirectional translation of part types to Excel, allowing easy attribute edits of multiple parts at once
  • Import projects – read schematic files recursively from a directory tree. Keeps the part lists on the DB and shows which projects are using the part when browsing
  • Component volumes. You can set the annual volume for each project, the tool will calculate the volumes for each component and shows it in the search tool. The volume is useful information when a component is selected in the schematic
  • Design Verify, selective attribute updates
  • Update library by external data, using for example a part number as an index – bring in for example the End-Of-Life information to PADS Library
  • Migration tool to create a PADS Databook backend database from Part types

The latest installation package is 9.7.35, download here. If you have version 9.7.x installed, just download a zip file for the latest build and replace the pDB.exe from the installation package.

The latest changes are improvements in the “Update library from Excel”-function.

Note! It seems that W10 updates may affect to some Microsoft data access libraries. If this happens, PDB will give an error message when a new database is established. In this case, just reinstall PowerAccess and copy the latest pdb.exe from the zip file.

The full license can be purchased as perpetual or time-based.

Product details

User manual

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