Assembly Array Wizard for PADS Layout

If you use PADS Layout to define the assembly array, the Assembly Array Wizard might be useful to you.

You can predefine a variety of arrays with optical alignment markers, pulling holes, break tabs, and edges. The tool reads the board outline from the active Layout session and fits it into an array, showing a preview. The board outline is step&repeated and shown as 2D lines in the design, the actual layout data is not step&repeated (it is left to the fabricator).

The benefit of having the alignment markers as components in the database is that they will appear in the same list as components when taken to the production, eliminating the need to measure and manually entering the coordinates to the assembly data.

See the video (sorry the comments are in Finnish).

You can download the zip package from here. Unzip to a suitable folder and create a shortcut. The utility is written in Visual Studio, usually, the necessary .net libraries are present in Win10 computers. If not, drop an email.

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