CAM350/DFMStream 14.5 is a major update to CAM350 14.1.  The major focus of this release is support of RigidFlex and Embedded part design data via import from ODB++ and IPC-2581 file formats. Several areas of the product were updated to support new layer types, new area types and multiple stackups common in these advanced design technologies. Additional updates include expanded drill and via in pad checking in DFM Analysis.

Key Highlights in CAM350 14.5 and BluePrint 6.5:

  • Import / Export ODB++ and IPC 2581 Modification
  • Import / Export Modification to support PCB Core Material Data
  • Stack-Up Visualizer Modification
  • 3D View Port Modification
  • Area Tool Modification
  • DFM Analysis Modification
  • Parametric Solder and Paste Mask Generation
  • Assembly Panel Creation
  • New Documentation Objects
  • Output Generation

More information here. You can download the new CAM350 14.5 and BluePrint 6.5 here.