PADS Professional VX.2.8 and PADS VX.2.8 is now available in Support Center!

The most importart improvments in PADS Professional are:

  • PADS Pro Designer
    • Improved user experience
      • Net wiring: digitizing mode –left click to start/add anchor –double click to finish
      • Easy to adopt
      • Current ‘drag’ mode maintained
      • Show alignment markers by default
      • Enhanced properties dialog
      • Provides better handling of mixed property attributes –visibility/values
      • Improved hierarchical group assignment
      • Simplifies the group assignment for the user by abstracting the use of the ‘cluster’ property
      • Improved migration of PADS Netlist & Altium libraries to Central Library
    • Improved support for variants
    • Consistent part place & replacement
    • Clearance definition for diff pairs & 3D packages
    • Usability improvements
  • PADS Professional Layout
    • Custom via pads & multi-hole vias
    • Diff pairs & hug
    • Support multiple rule areas with sketch
    • MCAD collaboration improvements
    • Support RF Shapes in Central Library

Read more here: PADS Professional VX.2.8 Release Highlights

In PADS VX.2.8 the most improvements are in PADS Designer and they are the same than in PADS Pro Designer.